Nico - Steph Argentine Tango Workshop


Nico - Steph Argentine Tango Workshop

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Argentine Tango Workshop
Nicholas Tapia and Stephanie Berg

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Flying Nest Movement Arts Presents:

Argentine Tango Workshops with
Nicholas Tapia and Stephanie Berg

2014 USA salon champions

May 4, 2019 

This is going to be a fantastic workshop with Stephie and Nico

Flying Nest Movement Arts Studio @ Elks Performing Arts Center, Dance Studio 2, 117 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ

Saturday May 4, 2019

  • 1:00-2PM: Connection
    FINALLY. A class for those who want to understand how to consistently create ‘good connection’ with ANY partner in ANY style. This class codifies the definition of physical connection and quantifies the dynamics that govern it. Using our extended knowledge across 35 different partner dances, we have adapted a sterling system from tri-genre champions and the ultra codified ballroom world. Using this system you can enjoy social dancing with different styles more because you understand what they are going for! It has helped dancers become open to different styles and enjoy milongas so much more! This class won’t ruin in magic of tango with structure and definitions. It will make it repeatable.

  • 2:15-3:15PM: Tango Magic
    What if you didn’t have to move your shoulders or torso to lead a pivot? What if, from the outside, it looked like the leader was doing nothing at all while the follower pivoted with ease and beauty? Come enjoy learning about this advanced technique to lead and follow pivots. The result? Easy ochos, interesting calesitas, and snappy boleos. We will cover the ‘tango magic’ technique and then apply it to ochos, calesitas, and boleos. You MUST have shoes that pivot easily and an understanding of how to engage your core muscles.

  • 3:30 - 4:30PM: El Giro de Migo
    Want to do giros with sacadas… but, easily? And then know a whole bunch of creative possibilities off of those movements? Have them all the be classic milongeros moves? And in a system that you could actually remember??? Come learn El Giro de Migo y Esther Pugliese, taught to us by their students, Gabi and Nati. This movement pattern is a classic that everyone should know. Know it already? Good! Come anyway, you could use the practice

In conjunction with DJ Karena Rice and Milonga Que Noche! located at the Switch Dance Studio, 612 Miller Valley Rd, Prescott

  • 7-8pm: Modern Milonguero (Note that this pre-milonga lesson is a separate fee from the Milonga fee)
    In this workshop we explain the differences in philosophy and physiology between “milonguero” style and “salon” style and merge the two to teach the current style in social dancing in Buenos Aires. We explain why we do what we do in pivots, close embrace and connection so that we can communicate, feel good and be expressive; combining the best of all worlds. We call this “Modern Milonguero” style in honor of the word milonguero as in the person who attends the milongas religiously and modern in honor of the most contemporary techniques we know from top professionals and our own current work.

  • Pricing: 

    • Workshop Fee: $75 for all 4 classses
      Alacarte: $20 per class. (any of the classes at the Elks and the pre-milonga lesson)

    • Milonga 8-11pm: $10 (paid at the door);