Dance Instruction

Argentine Tango Workshop with USA 2014 Champions - Nicholas Tapia and Stephanie Berg

This Weekend July 29-30, 2016


Argentine Tango Workshop with Nico and Steph

Workshops in Argentine Tango Salon, Practicas and our monthly Sunday Afternoon Milonga and BBQ with Stephanie and Nicholas - 2014 USA Salon Champions.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend. Here's what we have I store for you.  All the lessons and practicas will be at the Flying Nest, 322 West Gurley St, Prescott. And then we'll have our monthly milonga up at Delisa and Earl's Home.

Here's workshop topics and pricing
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@ the Flying Nest Movement Arts Studio
Friday July 29, 2016

  • 7:00PM: "The Cross":  A buffet of tips, tricks, and moves. We will take a closer look at the famous cross. The goal for this class is to help improve the feel and the ease of the lead and follow for this fundamental movement.
  • 8:30PM: "Practica" w/ DJ James

Saturday July 30, 2016

  • 1:00-2:30PM: "His and Her Adornos" -  In this class we will go over some of the basic and advanced theory of adornos, a few steps for quick and easy application, and some drills to take home and practice
  • 3:00-4:30PM: "Developing Stability and Grounding: " -   With stability comes more freedom and enjoyment of our dancing! This class is a series of exercises for both leaders and followers who are ready to feel rooted and happy in their movement.

4:30-6:00PM - Practica w/ DJ James

Sunday July 31,2016

  • 12-1:30PM: "Giros !" Giros (Molinetes) are our favorite because they offer so much musicality in tight spaces. We will build our giros from the beginning into something extremely useful for musical dancing in the milongas.  @ the Flying Nest Movement Arts Studio
  • 2:00PM-5PM: Milonga w/ DJ Buldog @ Earl and Delisa’s House
  • BBQ begins at 5pm @ Earl and Delisa’s House

Ala Carte: 
Practica - $10
Lesson - $20
Full Weekend (4 Lessons + 2 Practicas) = $80 (click to register)
Milonga - FREE


Here are the available times



Cost: $115 per hour. All lessons are with Steph and Nico

Contact Earl - to schedule. You can also call or text me at 928 600 2450

Performance and Workshop with Uzo Nkem Nwankpa

Uzo Nwankpa is an extraordinary West African dancer and teacher. She will be offering a performance this Saturday May 21st at 7:30 and a workshop Sunday May 22nd from 4:30-6:30.

Performance $10-$15
Class: $10-$15
Performance + Class: $20

Uzo Nwankpa is from the eastern part of Nigeria West Africa. An Igbo woman following her call of duty passed on to her from a long line of ancestral healers. She is dedicated to sharing the healing power of Indigenous healing practices through music and dance. She has been immersed in music and dance since the age of five and has, as a performer, student and teacher, toured countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. She uses her skills as a community health registered nurse to merge with ancient traditions of the world to nurture the Uzo Method Project- A Public Health Solution, a program developed to enhance, restore and rejuvenate the health of society using the arts. For more informa on please visit 

For questions contact Nikki Kokotovich