Oneness of Two - Two-Week Session in February Open for Registration

The January session filled. So Delisa has opened up a shorter 2 week session for her Oneness of Two class for February 7 and 14th.


Oneness of Two
from 41.00


A series exploring the duo form, inviting deep attentiveness to self and another within the language of body moving with body. We’ll play with many ways that two people can connect, relate and share the same dance. We’ll explore a sense of oneness in movement, which is not necessarily sameness. How can you dance your own dance and be in a responsive duet? We’ll explore physical expressions of support and autonomy, and initiating, interpreting and influencing the dance of another. We’ll slow down and take time to see and be seen, to listen and be heard, and open to new levels of oneness in partnership. The explorations are designed to meet you where you are, no dance experience is needed.


Who might be interested in this series?

  • Anyone (or two) wanting to explore deeper dimensions of what it means to be fully present to another.
  • People wanting to challenge their dance in a new way, including those who study social dance forms, i.e., swing or tango, and want to gain experience in improvisation and creativity with another.
  • Those in long-time relationships who are curious to try on roles outside of habituated ways of relating.
  • New friends who want to get to know each other in a nonverbal but highly communicative way.
  • People who want more tangible, direct and creative connections with another, rather than virtual or remote communications.  
  • Anyone wanting to practice skills of compassion

Register as a pair with someone you want to explore with. Friends, married partners, siblings, parent/child, any pair of people curious to create and relate in a new way. The only requirement is both people in the duo commit to all the weeks of the session and have a desire to work in a sustained and focused way.

Classes are January 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st, 5:30-6:45 (CLOSED)

A two-week session now open for registration  - Classes are February 7 and 14th.  5:30-6:45

Elks Performing Arts Center, Studio 1.

Cost: $40 per partnership due by January 24, 2017

Maximum 6 pairs

Delisa Myles is a dancer, choreographer and educator who has been working professionally in all three areas for the last 30 years. She was central in developing the dance program at Prescott College where she taught from 1994-2016. Her choreographic projects have been funded numerous times by Arizona Commission on the Arts. She holds an M.F.A. in Choreography and Performance from University of Colorado. Delisa has a mission to broaden and humanize dance so that it is enjoyed and shared by all ages and abilities of people. She believes that dance is one of the most direct ways to connect people to themselves, to one another and to a sense of belonging in the world. 

Dance Skills for Humankind is a collection of exploratory embodiment practices that nurture both inner listening and outer communication. Skills of Improvisation (learning to develop fluid responsiveness to internal and external impulses) and composition (developing aesthetic choices for shaping and crafting movement) both come into play in this class. Open to all curious souls who want to connect with a creative community while developing their artistry directly through the body. Month-long sessions begin January 10th, 2018.