We're moving to the Elks Performing Arts Center !

Dear Friends of the Nest,
We’re writing to let you know that we’ll be moving out of our studio. Tomorrow, Halloween is our last day and we're having a blowout swing dance. But, never fear, the Flying Nest is migrating to a new location- The Elks Performing Arts Center. More on that later but for right now….
I want to reflect on all the dance, community and connection that has happened at Flying Nest for the last two and a half years. The studio became the place for all stripes of movement arts and hosted a variety of workshops from healing modalities to martial arts to tango. It fostered the start of several vibrant social dance communities from Lindy Hop Swing to Salsa/Bachata, Ecstatic Dance, African, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Belly Dance, more people in Prescott are now dancing, with each other.
I’ve loved teaching Dance Skills for Humankind with Breanna Rogers every Wednesday since we opened. It’s been a time and place for all ages of people to explore art through the immediacy of the body. And maybe most importantly, it affirms how dancing together builds community. 
We’ve rehearsed many hours in the studio with the newly formed Ævium, a women’s intergenerational dance group, for our Arizona Commission on the Arts sponsored project “Intimacy with Disappearance.”
The Lindy Hop/Swing classes have taken off ! Earl and Monique are doing a great job there with 3 sections and open dances now happening. Several local bands have seen our dancers and have approached Earl to work with them on hosting live music/dance events.
We have hosted artists from around the world for performances and workshops.  We’ve done Acker Night and Girl’s Summer Dance Camp for two years. Lot’s of great events have happened. So a BIG thank you to everyone who has taught or taken a class or watched a performance. Your energy collectively made it happen. The Flying Nest is not a place, it’s people in movement.
I know that Movement and Art Spaces are important to the health and resilience of a community. We want to see more, not less spaces for art in Prescott. So it is sad to give up this sweet space. And particularly so, since the space has been a yoga and dance studio for at least 20 years under several names. I honor the history of the space and the good long run of staying in business for the Movement Arts. 

It is bittersweet for Earl and I to let the studio go because we love the space and the people who gather there, but all the overhead associated with running a studio pushed us to reevaluate our priorities. It became increasingly difficult to pay the rent. The Elks Performing Arts Center with its new facility is more attractive to us and many others. We look forward to moving our classes to the Elks PAC and letting go of the many details of running a studio. We’re grateful to have a new and beautiful space to teach from and look forward to seeing you in the new studios.
At the Elks PAC Earl and Monique will be doing their swing classes on Monday nights, 5:30-7:30 starting in November. Dance Skills for Humankind will continue on Wednesdays starting January of 2018. 
We will continue to host workshops, special dance events with live music and open up new classes such as Blues and Argentine Tango. Stay tuned. We’ll be keeping and restructuring our website flyingneststudio.com and keeping our Flying Nest Movement Arts Facebook page. So please continue our connection there too.
The last day at the studio is Halloween and we’ll have a costume, swing dance party on Tuesday, October 31st to dance us out of the studio. Our last Humankind Class in the space is October 25th and it will be a free improvisation class open to all. You are invited and Please Come to either or both events to bid farewell to the space.
Dance On!

Delisa and Earl