Argentine Tango Prescott is now transitioning over to the Flying Nest!

We're excited and happy to announce that Prescott Tango has a new home - Flying Nest Movement Arts Studio, 322 West Gurley St, Prescott, AZ next to Rosa's Pizzaria. 

As many of you know, we've had issues with teaching out of our home studio. We can now fully resume teaching and even expand our program. Starting on Thursday, June 7th,  we'll start with a Beginner Tango series from 7-8pm followed by Intermediate from 8-9pm.  We'll be scheduling a regular practica once we get the program started. Also, expect to have some fantastic visiting teachers and LIVE tango music events. 

It is our vision that the Flying Nest Movement Arts studio will be a neighborhood/community facility offering healthy movement programs for all ages and fitness levels. The studio will  have a diverse and exciting program with small group classes that provide you with quality instruction in various movement arts. All the programs will be design with the idea of improving your overall well-being through Social Dance, Improvisational Dance, Performance Dance, Yoga and Meditation.  - Founders, Delisa Myles and Earl Duque

To keep  you up to date, we'll be sending out our regular tango updates and migrating our current wix webpage to