Voice in Action / Body in Revolt

Co-facilitated by Christopher Mankowski and Jay Ruby

October 25, 11:00-5:00

$65 to $90 sliding scale

For dancers who dare to speak in the light of day, and speakers who venture to move in the darkness of their body. Co-facilitated by Christopher Mankowski and Jay Ruby from The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater, The Voice in Action / The Body in Revolt explores the territory between the worlds of butoh and voice.

The Voice in Action uses text, song, and sound as a basis to explore character and soundscape. We may encounter techniques of memorization, imagery, stream of consciousness writing, voice projection and the deconstruction of vocal habits. The relationship between the physicality of the body and the quality of vocal expression is the reference point for the research. The Voice exists as a common everyday medium of expression through the use of words and sounds. It is a tool for the ordinary. In an expressive forum it expands to become a vehicle of action and exploration, a tool to excavate personas and altered states. Beyond the confines of prescriptive movement and socialization we may discover a body in revolt, a body longing for regeneration. Through the opening of the bodies energetic centers, collective movement and poetic explorations, we will provoke, activate and exchange in order to liberate the subconscious imagination and open the untamed body. Searching for new passageways amongst our bones, pulling out threads from the darkness, we invite our fragility, call our wildness, flaunt our absurdity, and flirt with the sublime.

Jay Ruby directs and performs with The Carpetbag Brigade, hosts Global Stilt Congress and is currently writing about Spectacle Based Drama.

Christopher Mankowski has studied butoh and ritual throughout Japan, Mexico and the US, performs with The Carpetbag Brigade and is the International Coordinator for Diego Piñón.